Invest. Hold. Earn. Borrow.

Banking backed with the transparency of the blockchain.

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Borrow Against Digital Assets

Use crypto holdings as collateral in order to secure low-interest loans in USD or USDC.

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Round Up

Invest spare change into stablecoin or select digital assets.

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Earn Interest

Crypto asset holders will be able to earn up to 8.75 APY** interest on their deposits.

üNiFi Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

üNiFi is commited to transparent and stable rates.

What We Do

üNiFi is redefining how you bank by providing transparent financial products - backed on the blockchain

Leverage To Borrow

Don't sell your future short. Secure low-interest loans with üNiFi by using your own crypto holdings to borrow USD or USDC.

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Invest Spare Change

Slowly accumulate a crypto portfolio with üNiFi by rounding up your everyday purchases to buy crypto assets.

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Hold And Earn

By depositing assets on the üNiFi network, digital asset holders will be able to earn up 8.75% APY** on their holdings.

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